Responsible Gaming

Responsible gambling is a fundamental aspect of the gambling industry, providing a safe and enjoyable experience for users. It involves creating an environment that encourages responsible behavior as well as providing support to individuals who may have problems. At Melbet we are committed to promoting responsible gambling and prioritizing the well-being of our customers.

Education and Awareness

At Melbet we believe that educating our users about responsible gambling is important. We strive to raise awareness of the potential risks associated with gambling and provide information on how to maintain control and make informed decisions. On our website, we offer resources such as articles, guides and interactive tools to help customers understand the importance of responsible gambling and identify signs of problem gambling.

Taking Security Measures

Melbet employs a variety of security measures to ensure safety. We have a rigorous vetting process in place to ensure that all users meet age requirements. In addition, we use advanced security technology to protect our customers’ personal information and financial transactions. Our platform is controlled and regulated by the Curacao Gaming Authority to ensure fair and transparent gaming practices.

Encouraging Restrictions and Self-Exclusion

Melbet provides users with the tools to set limits on gaming. Customers can set deposit limits, loss limits and session time limits to manage their gambling responsibly. We also offer a self-exclusion feature that allows you to voluntarily exclude yourself from accessing our platform for a certain period.


Melbet actively cooperates with responsible gambling organizations. We work closely with organizations such as GamCare and Gambling Therapy to provide support and resources for our players. Through these partnerships, we offer access to phone support services, self-assessment tools and professional counseling for those who encounter problems.

Recognizing Problem Gambling

Problem gambling can have significant negative effects on a person’s life, relationships and financial well-being. It is very important that players be aware of signs that may indicate that they are experiencing problems. Here are some common signs to help gamblers determine if they are experiencing difficulties:

  • Increased preoccupation: A person may be overly enthusiastic, spend too much time thinking about them, planning for future bets, or reliving past gambling experiences.
  • Difficulty Controlling: Feeling unable to control or stop gambling despite negative consequences, such as financial losses, strained relationships, or neglecting important responsibilities.
  • Chasing Losses: Trying to make up for previous losses by increasing stakes, taking more risks, or playing continuously for long periods of time.
  • Neglect of Duty: Neglecting work, school, or family responsibilities because of gambling. This could include missing deadlines, neglecting personal hygiene, or isolation from loved ones.
  • Financial Problems: Experiencing financial difficulties, including borrowing money, selling personal possessions, or having difficulty paying bills and debts.
  • Emotional instability: Frequent mood swings, irritability, agitation or anxiety.
  • Relationship tension: Experiencing conflict or deterioration of relationships with family, friends or co-workers because of behavior, lying or neglecting personal relationships.
  • Denial and minimization: Denying or downplaying the seriousness of problems, when confronted by loved ones or professionals, often feeling defensive or secretive about play activities.

If a player recognizes several of these signs in his or her own behavior, it may be a sign of a gambling problem. It is necessary to seek help and support from professionals who specialize in gambling addiction.